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The Importance of Carpet Stretching

Safe Carpets!

Your feet will stay cozy and your home will look nice with carpets! Naturally, they should get some TLC every so often, especially the ones in high-traffic areas, much like your other precious things. This entails smoothing out the creases and lumps that all carpets are prone to. Your carpet has to be stretched out completely! They not only look ugly when they are wrinkled, but they can also lead to dangerous trips and falls. Here’s why carpet stretching is vital and must be done:

Increased Safety

The carpet’s ripples and bumps provide a safety risk. The majority of accidental injuries among persons 65 and older are caused by falls. An estimated 37,991 persons 65 years of age and older were treated for falls related to carpeting and rugs each year; 75% of these incidents took place at home. Environmental dangers such as damaged carpets with curled edges and uneven surfaces might cause falls. Anyone residing in the house, including kids, the elderly, and anyone who trips on the uneven flooring might get catastrophic injuries. Stretching your carpet is a terrific method to keep your home safe for all of your family members.

Greater Lifespan

Although carpet has varied over time, its lifespan nowadays is typically between 5 and 15 years. The kind of carpet, carpet cushion, carpet fibers, and regular use all affect how long a particular carpet lasts. It’s normal for your carpet to experience wear and tear. However, poorly fitted carpet is more likely to wear unevenly and shift over time, which prompts many individuals to opt to replace the carpet earlier than they would have anticipated. Stretching the carpet reduces wrinkles and stops dirt and dust from collecting in the uneven spots, which slows the carpet’s degradation. To ensure that the carpet is securely fixed along the borders, skilled carpet professionals can additionally reattach the carpet to the tack strip where necessary.

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